Tuesday, June 10, 2014

World Cup Map

As you cannot ignore the World Cup returns this year and its 2014 edition starts in a few days.
This year it is in Brazil, arguably the most passionate country about this sport, and factually the most titled.

Usually a festive event, Brazilians, with their uncanny talent for celebration, will surely try their best to make a pulsing, gigantic, once-in-a-generation carnival out of it.

On such special occasions, it is customary to deviate a bit from your day to day work and kind of participate in the event in your own way. We launched an online betting game - without real money, only prizes for those who end up with the most tokens.

It is corporate so here I can only show the World Cup map I contributed.
The full code is available in this github repo.

By the way this was my first experiment with Web Components. Very convenient !

Enjoy the World Cup !!