Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Deutschland, Bundesländer - Karte

Recently I have been experimenting with the impressively well thought and powerful d3.js javascript library. The capabilities of the library are jaw dropping and the quality of the rendering, on some examples is quite amazing, and the idea to have built it directly on top of the web standards is simply brilliant. This last design decision is so powerful that this library stands a chance to become a standard itself.

In practise I am also learning the basics of HTML+CSS+Javascript, so in order to be able to make some d3 data visualisation, I am forced to sometimes long digressions..

It is to be noted that the d3.js learning curve is quite steep, in spite of several very good quality tutorials available. The first one I read was written by Scott Murray. Very good.

Below a dynamic map of the 16 federal states that make Germany, designed to help me learn them (on top of helping me learn d3.js).
The code is available on