Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pythagorean Theorem

In the first weeks of December, as I was thinking of acceptable Christmas presents for my friends/family. Strolling in department stores, I caught a glimpse a tablet - not an iPad/Android like tablet, but  - a drawing tablet ! I was convinced instantly. Then I dug into the realm of Wacom/Bamboo products and soon was completely carried away by the potential of such devices. Soon after I had bought and was testing it.

It is a great potential replacement of a mouse, absolutely fantastic for drawing, and a tool of choice to do Khan Academy's style video tutorials.
As a drawing soft, Sketchbook Express, available on the Mac App Store, is convenient: free, simple, beautiful.

Pleased by my new device, I started off recording (in French) a few tutorials, as a first exercises. The screen capture soft used is Snagit (Camtasia is even better with additional editing features).

Below is the simplest demonstration of the Pythagorean theorem, in my view, as the only thing you need to know are the formulae for the area of a square, and a right triangle. Not Thales/Cos/Sin/etc.

It is not a pedagogical master piece but relatively decent for a first trial, which says a lot, again, about the potential of drawing tablets+video screen capture as means to convey relatively complex messages.

The shopping season proved quite interesting..
I kept my tablet and offered two.